Friday, 20 August 2010

Ulster Poetry Project

The "virtual museum" of Ulster texts, including some in Scots, which was recently set up by the University of Ulster and mentioned by the Blether Region on 27 July, has now gone online. Unfortunately, they seem to be pdfs only at the moment, which is fine for literary critics but of less use to corpus linguists.

Nevertheless, we must applaud Frank Ferguson's hard work in this regard. He has done something of vital interest to Scots in Ulster that the Ulster-Scots Agency failed to do during its first 10 years in existence.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Translator with Form

During a short stopover at Edinburgh Airport the other week the Blether Region spotted this sign, another sad piece of evidence that the world will never be quite the same after 9/11.

As if the message itself didn't provide cause enough for tears, there was the small matter of the German translation, "Formular bitte nehmen Sie ihre Schuhe nur, wenn Sie Anrufe für Sicherheitspersonal aufgeforfert.".

Media-watchers among you will recall the case in Wales of a translator's out-of-office message being mistaken for a finished translation and hung in a car park. The German above is not much better, the first word being a translation of the English "form", which may or may not suggest the injudicious use of Google Translate.

And as if to prove a point, we were lucky to make a clean getaway with the photo, as another traveller in the queue who dared to take a few snaps was upbraided by airport staff and forced to delete images of the security area from her camera.